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December 5, 2017

"What's that?"

I pointed to a make-shift structure of rusty corrugated aluminum sheets, a few wooden beams, a cement slab foundation. A red plastic bucket, yellow jerry can and a few wet rags littered the floor. A clothes line supported a few tattered towels drying in the warm Ugandan wind.

"That's our girl's shower," replied Peter Kitayimbwa, an UrbanPromise International Fellow alumni and founder of WOSO High School.

A girls shower?" I coughed in disbelief. "How many girls use it?"
I examined the structure a little closer.  In any other location, I would have assumed it to be a cage or pen for livestock. The notion of this being a bathing area for teenage girls was challenging my western ideals of hygiene and decency.

"About 105 girls use it daily," replied my host. "A number of them have been diagnosed with urinary track infections because of poor bathing conditions.  It's a problem."

"How much would it cost to build a proper shower facility?" I pressed with an impending sense of urgency.

"About $10,000!" was Peter's answer...

Friends, here's an idea: Let's solve ONE of our world's problems this Christmas!  

As you know, UrbanPromise International needs operating dollars to support all these worldwide ministries. We must comply with government regulations and perform financial audits, process thousands of donations, provide training conferences for staff around the world, manage grants for capital projects and recruit young leaders. It all costs money.

A friend of UPI stepped forward this week and has made a REALLY generous offer. 

Every dollar raised towards building the new girl's shower facility, he'll MATCH with $2 to help UPI with operating expenses. Wow!!

$10,000 raised for the shower facility will translate into an additional $20,000 for UPI.

That's good news for everyone!  Click here to donate NOW!

In advance, I thank you for considering this urgent request.

Let's SHOWER abundant blessings this Christmas!

Peace to you,


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