Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic is located on the second largest island in the Caribbean, sharing the island with Haiti. The population is estimated at 10.5 million with an incredible racial diversity. Issues facing the D.R. include deep racial and cultural tensions between Haitians and Dominicans, the drug trade, crime and poverty. Our first site in the D.R. is in Kilometro 26, 30 minutes north of Santo Domingo, and has a focus on using the UrbanPromise model to foster and promote reconciliation.

UrbanPromise Dominican Republic launched its first summer camp in 2016. We serve the children and youth of Kilometro 26 in Santo Domingo Norte. The mission for UP DR is to empower Dominican children and youth by instilling Christian principles of human dignity, promoting education to inspire new ideas that will motivate others to achieve excellence, and to embrace the diversity that make up the Dominican people. With the country's history of prejudice and generational racism, we focus on developing relationships and teaching our young people to love like Christ loves.